Neohomebrew Neo Geo Game Development

General Neo Geo Programming Resources
A very helpful and huge wiki-style knowledge database about the Neo Geo hardware and 68k assembler programming. Forums
A (french and english) forum for Neo Geo homebrew developers with a big amount of helpful threads.

Neo Geo Software Development Projects

NeoThunder Project
An open source space shooter (NeoThunder) programmed in C by Sebastian Mihai which also includes the NeoBitz C development kit.

DatLib Video Library
HPMAN's advanced video library for the NeoBitz C development kit with Animator and Framer tool.
Jeff Kurtz's website, the creator of the Neobitz C Neo Geo Development Kit and NeoSoundBuilder tool.

Blastar's Neo Geo Blog
Blastar's Neo Geo Programming Blog presents outstanding demos and his very useful NGFX SoundBuilder and NGFX Neo Geo graphic tools.

AJ's Neo Geo Dev Page
AJ's Neo Geo Dev Page offers a his 68k ASM library (freemlib), a great ASM programming tutorial and a lot of tools and information.

The Universe BIOS
Razoola's legendary UniBios for Neo Geo AES / MVS / CD can be found at his website.

Furrtek's Projects
Furrtek's (french) website with tons of technical information about the Neo Geo systems.

Frogfeast by Rastersoft
An open source puzzle game programmed in C by Charles Doty plus development tools.

Neo Geo Hardware Development Projects
NeoTurfMaster's website about his custom battery-free FRAM Neo Geo memory cards and Neo Geo BIOS adapter boards.

NeoCD SD-Loader
Furrteks's NeoCD SD-Loader board for loading IMG files from a SD card to Neo Geo CD systems.
Terraonion's website about their NeoSD Flash Cartridges for Neo Geo MVS and AES.
Arcade Projects support forum for Darksoft's Multigame Flash Cartridges for Neo Geo MVS and AES.