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SantaBall Neo Geo Game Title

SantaBall - Christmas Tennis Game

Santaball was my first game development for the Neo Geo systems, a simple but quite funny Christmas-themed tennis game. I would be happy if you would play it with your family on Christmas!

While developing this project I have learned the basics of C programming, how to create pixel art graphics which can be displayed by the Neo Geo and how to play sound effects and background music.

SantaBall Neo Geo Christmas Tennis Game

Santaball Gameplay

Santaball is a two player game, each player controls a candy cane to play the ball into the field of the opponent. When a player misses the ball and it moves out of the screen the other player will earn a point. The player who achieves nine points first wins a match. The game offers four different ball speeds (depending on how often the ball was hit) and six ball angles (depending at which location the ball hits the racket).

SantaBall Neo Geo Gameplay

Santaball Download and Release Info

Santaball is developed for Neo Geo AES, MVS and CD and can be downloaded for free.

To create a CD-R for Neo Geo CD, download the .ISO file and burn it with a disc burner. Click here to download the ISO: Santaball for Neo Geo CD

If you have experience with MVS/AES cartridge modding you could also build a cartridge version of SantaBall by replacing the P1, V1, M1, S1 and C1/C2 ROM chips of a regular SNK cartridge board set with the following files: Santaball for Neo Geo MVS and AES