NeoHomeBrew - All about Homebrew Neo Geo Games

Here you will find information's and resources of homebrewed Neo Geo Games. Because the manufacturer SNK / SNK Playmore doesn't support the Neo Geo platform anymore, no new games have been released for the console since 2003.

But a small amount of Neo Geo enthusiasts have stated to develop new games for the Neo Geo and I want to present them on this website. Also, I develop my own games and this is the place you can download them.

Santaball - my first Neo Geo game is now available

Here is my first game for the Neo Geo. It is a simple clone of "Pong" with Christmas thematic. I would be happy if you would play it with your family on Christmas!

The game offers four different ball speeds (it getting faster the longer you play) and three ball angles (depending at which point the ball hits the racket). Sorry, there is no single-player mode, the game can only be played with two players. The players have to make nine points to win a match.

The game is available for the Neo Geo CD, just download the .ISO file, burn it with your cd burner and then play the game on your Neo Geo CD.

Click here to download the ISO: Santaball for Neo Geo CD

Here are some screenshots of Santaball: