NeoHomeBrew - All about Homebrew Neo Geo Games

Here you will find information's and resources of homebrewed Neo Geo Games. Because the manufacturer SNK / SNK Playmore doesn't support the Neo Geo platform anymore, no new games have been released for the console since 2003.

But a small amount of Neo Geo enthusiasts have stated to develop new games for the Neo Geo and I want to present them on this website. Also, I develop my own games and will release news and infos about them on this website.

Current Project: Submarine shooter (work in progress)

I am working on a more complex game project now - an underwater shooting game with submarines. The game is heavily inspired by Irem's "In the Hunt" and the submarine levels of SNK's Metal Slug 3 (and 5). The plan is to design five different stages each with a big submarine boss at the end. Currently, I have finished the basic game engine and have designed the first enemy submarine, a looping animated background and an explosion animation.

You can watch my progess by following my Youtube channel: NeoHomeBrew on YouTube