Neo Geo monitor test tool

I have programmed a little tool for testing and adjusting monitors for the Neo Geo system. The tool offers 11 screen test patterns and all of them are adapted to color and geometry specifics of the system hardware of Neo Geo MVS, Neo Geo AES and Neo Geo CD.

This tool is inpired by the 240p test suite for Genesis / Dreamcast / SNES (

You can download the monitor test tool here:

Monitor Test Patterns for Neo Geo CD

(Unpack the monitor-test-cd.rar and burn the files on a 700 MB CD-R.)

Monitor Test Patterns for Neo Geo MVS / AES

(Unpack the monitor-test-cart.rar and program the P1, C1 and C2 files to M27C800 eprom chips. Replace the P1 mask rom of a PROGGSC board and the C1 and C2 mask roms of a CHA42G board with the programmed eproms chips.)

Here is a short video of the tool: Neo Geo monitor test patterns